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August 7, 2011
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Homestuck tribute by Valerei Homestuck tribute by Valerei
Edit: I think it's sweet and all with all the printrequests this gets, but I can't agree to it, it's not my characters and I haven't got an OK from Hussie to sell stuff ( yes I did ask but I never got an answer) so no, that won't happen, sorry for that!

List of characters included/not included - [link]


ok, so this is what I've spent two weeks doing, or more like 50-55 hours spread out over two weeks ._. and then I'm not counting all the countless hours spent to look up referances, finding the right comic pages, looking at small details etc etc

so.... yeah! ...uhhh...Homestuck-tribute anyone? I got the idea to do this when I made the poll asking about if you would mind me posting HS-related art or not and people asked me to draw some characters, and I was like "I MIGHT AS WELL DRAW ALL OF THEM FOR YOU! >:C...waaait....BAD IDEA!! D:" and as the idea wouldn't leave my mind I did exactly that ._.


oh! I just remembered what I was supposed to write! for convinience sake I put the read team on the left and the blue team on the right, also the characters/creatures/things that belongs to the kids game/world are to the right, and everyone belonging to the trolls game/world are to the left :)

(I love you for making me get this idea, it was so much fun to do <3<3<3)

and as usual, it's ALL done traditionally using markers, mostly copic sketch but also copic ciao, ordinary copic, promarkers and prismamarkers!

lineart -

wip -

for more wips just visit my tumblr!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-09-02
Homestuck tribute by *Valerei

The suggester said: "*Valerei has done a splendid job with almost every single character from Homestuck, and at one point even added a new character last minute, which she pulled off excellently. And it was all done with markers. As a marker user myself, it's very difficult to pull of a work like this with minimal bleeding and still look great, but *Valerei is a marker master."

=Amalika said: "Absolutely amazing! She included so many characters and portrayed each one of them really well - just by looking at their poses and expressions and where the characters are placed one can see that not only a lot of effort, but also a lot of thought was put into this picture! It's a lot of fun to look at all the details one can only see when using the download button - I could seriously spend hours looking at this picture!"

~Pepper-Wood said: "I am awestruck at how many characters are fit into this piece. The picture in general just wows me: the perfect placement of the characters - and the vast numbers of them - the coloring, everything. I can only think of one word to describe this: EPIC.

~borishu said: "This drawing of almost all the main characters is simply put, stunning. The work put forth in this picture is evident, and everytime i look at the picture, i find another thing to smile about giddily.

Also suggested by ~Liralicia and =Silver-MoonNight ( Suggested by NovaScarlette and Featured by TommyGK )
Amartely11 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I can tell this took a two year... +fav 
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This is so beautiful. This is also my laptop background now.
I saw this awhile ago and I didn't know homestuck, and then I did read homestuck and I've basically been looking for this specific fanart for ages. 
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:iconsobeautifulplz: THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS 
It is so beautiful I can't even
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did u just
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